Vine yourself reading a little Hamlet on Twitter

Me + Richard Armitage

I figure either you know what this means already or you’re not interested.

Replay: Here’s a fun vid of members of the Hobbit cast (not including Richard Armitage, sadly) performing the “to be or not to be” monologue from Hamlet. They did this as an add for the New Zealand Festival two years ago.

And, just for giggles, I thought I’d read the beginning of the monologue to you from my sofa. Picture is of the real Servetus. I’m no thespian, and it’s hard when you’re taping yourself. I stopped partway through because, frankly, I have never been able to say “who would fardels bear” out loud without giggling. (And yes, I know what it means.) When I recited this to my students — it always came up…

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