Final RAPS for Charity Tally – and Lots of RAPSoid Love

Guylty Pleasure

This was short and sweet: A week after I sprung the plan of a charity fundraiser on you, the donations and auction prices have rolled in. I have had final confirmation from the anonymous donor “Mr HErmitage” behind the scenes that he will cough up. In fact I had communication from his go-between, and she gives us insight how the generous donation came to pass. Writes she:

Mr. Hermitage and a few actor friends were enjoying cocktails in the Polo Lounge, not the one in Beverly Hills, but  the one a little further south in Inglewood. He prefers to go where he is not recognized or pestered by  eager fans, and the Lounge is a favorite hangout. As he sipped his dirty martini and admired his long, tapered fingers holding the glass gracefully, he remarked to his friends in his beautifully deep voice.  “Guys, I may have screwed up big…

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