My Richard Armitage: An interpretation. Background, childhood, adolescence, professional preparation, young adulthood

Me + Richard Armitage

The preface explains what this text is — not conventional professional biography, but rather my interpretation of Richard Armitage’s biography. If you wish to read a professional biography, please consult this one at Richard Armitage Online — it is thoughtful, filled with data, cites its sources methodically, and is simply the best thing available.


Earliest picture of Richard Armitage that I’ve seen.


I. Background

[Right: Huncote village, in the distance. Source.]

Richard Armitage’s family background (partially in Leeds) is neither high cultural nor upper class — ancestors up to grandparents’ generation include cotton mill weavers and coal miners. Parents were probably born during the war years or shortly thereafter and experienced postwar rationing / shortages / aftermath in childhood, as well as growth in postwar prosperity. Father anchors the family in the middle class with his education and highly technical profession (nuclear engineering) and reads…

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