The Dote As An Antidote

Beautiful–the words and the photos.

Guylty Pleasure

Like many of us I feel very depressed today, in the face of the atrocities of Paris. I have several friends living in Paris and two photographer friends were on a visit there this weekend on the occasion of Paris Photo, the  international fine art photography fair, which has been closed today, under the order of the authorities. Everyone I know is fine. But the world is not, and while Paris saddens me, I am more disturbed that the world only seems to wake up if atrocities on this scale hit the West. What about Beirut and Baghdad, and what about Syria, Afghanistan, and all the other places where death tolls in this region happen every other week? Sometimes I do not like living in this world very much…

My heart goes out to all who are affected by it, whichever nationality, religion or ethnicity they belong to. We are all human…

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