pastRAmi-tage NYC – Where to Eat for Love,Love,Love.

Armitage Agonistes

A friend suggested that, as a native and life-long New Yorker and theater-goer, I might be able to offer some pre-theater restaurant suggestions to fans coming to NYC for Love, Love, Love, with Richard Armitage.

These suggestions may be useful to anyone, but are aimed at fans who have never been to New York City and/or dinner before theater, which has different requirements than ordinary meals. If you are from or near a metropolitan city, like Chicago, Toronto or Atlanta, some of this may seem like every day information, but it should be noted that there are few other places like The Theater District (Broadway and-off Broadway) where so many people are trying to eat fast and get to  one of 50 curtains in a small geographic location, with hundreds of restaurants to choose from.

You will find plenty of information and suggestions on line, as well as maps, but…

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